Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet Me Monday #3

Changing it up just a bit this week...

[name] Holly
[nickname] HollyMolly, Strawberry Shortcake
[current location] my sofa
[profession] Girl Scouts
[first love] glitter

[current crush] my boo
[perfect companion] sophie (and matt.)
[latest discovery] how truly small this world is.
[vices] anything salty
[insecurities] my laugh
[dirty little secret] secret love for air supply
[pet peeve] people eating loudly
[meaning of life] enjoy the journey. no one truly knows what comes at the end.
[proudest moment] this week, getting sophie to sit without a treat in my hand.
[best piece of advice you ever got]
if something can be changed and you don't like it, make the change.
[you'd recommend] being a little kinder to everyone around you. people do notice.
[in five years....] I will be turning 30. Wow. Shit just got real.

5 Random Facts About You:

[1] I graduated college 2 months after I turned 21, and I transferred schools.
[2] I LOVE art nouveau.
[3] I love to hear stories from my grandparents about life when they were my age. it was a world away from what i know.
[4] I am a voracious reader and am always looking for new books.
[5] I try to find a positive in every situation, even if there seemingly is none.

Fill in the blanks:

[I love] sparkles and Matt.
[I feel] happy with my life.
[I hate] things that get too complicated. i like to keep things as simple as possible.
[I hide] the fact that i have insecurities.
[I miss]
my grandpa.
[I want] to make myself proud.
[I need] to feel like i am contributing to whatever i am doing
[I'd rather] be doing nothing than something i hate.

Via the Proust Questionnaire:

[your favorite virtue] i'm not catholic, but i think kindness.
[your main fault] i have difficulty accepting shortcomings in myself and others
[your idea of happiness] dying and having accomplished everything i wanted to in my life
[your idea of misery] not changing one person's life before i die
[natural talent you'd like to be gifted with] adele's voice
[your present state of mind] content
[fault you have most toleration for] naivety
[trait you deplore in others] selfishness
[what is your greatest extravagance] makeup
[most treasured possession] the pin that my grandpa gave my grandma. it was the first piece of jewelry he gave her.
[your favorite motto] "i don't believe in setbacks. they are blessings in disguise. i always keep moving forward." Josh Kerr

Via James Lipton:

[what is your favorite word] exquisite
[what is your least favorite word] moist
[what turns you on] honesty and compassion
[what turns you off] deceit. and halitosis.
[what sound do you love] rain and the ocean. so, water i guess?
[what sound do you hate] noisy eaters.
[what is your favorite curse word] balls.
[what profession other than yours would you like to attempt] teacher.
[what profession would you not like to do]
anything involving bugs. specifically spiders.
[if heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?] You lived a good life and did for others, so now you get to spend the rest of eternity with the ones you love.

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