Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day Four: My Best Friend

This is a tough one. I've grown to stop assigning the term "best friend" to people. I have many friends, and I go to each of them for different things. When I saw this topic, it got me thinking about what being a "best friend" truly means. Being a best friend means that you are there for that other person, no matter what the circumstances. You call your friend for no reason, and are so close that no matter what you tell them it doesn't matter because they love you anyway. 

As a girl who grew up without siblings, I've always wanted that kind of connection with someone. I've wanted to feel like I had a sister in someone else. In college I met Jhoanna. she has become more than what I imagine a sister to feel like. We can talk about anything, and no matter how long we may have spoken the day before, we can double it the next day. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful friend.

I also have to mention my husband. I never get tired of being around him and I count on him for so many things. He has become my closest confidante and I trust him more than anybody. It's so wonderful to be married to someone I can call my "best friend".

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