Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day Nine: Describe a typical Sunday as a child.

Ahhh Sundays. Those were always my favorite days as a little girl. When my parents were married, every Sunday was the same. We lived in this wonderful little house in Walnut Creek with an atrium in the middle that let in just enough light, but felt tropical at the same time. One of my parents would get up in the morning and get cinnamon buns from A Sweet Affair bakery (if you are ever in Walnut Creek, do not skip a cinnamon bun or a chocolate chip cookie from A Sweet Affair- they will change your life). We would all three sit in the living room and read the paper (mine consisted of the funnies and the classified section- I begged for a dog every week) and enjoy our cinnamon buns. Our living room was perfect. It was full of light and it contained this wonderful striped couch that I spent much of my youth on. After finishing the paper, we always watched cartoons. I always thought that it was just for me, but looking back I think it was a little bit for my dad as well.

Many Sundays my grandparents would come over or we would visit them. 

Sundays are some of the best memories of my childhood. Everything was easy, nothing was rushed, and everything was sweet. I hope that I can create that kind of Sunday memory for my own little ones.

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