Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day Fourteen: Current Fascination

I have to list two, as it would not be fair to list just one or the other of these. 

French Bulldogs! We are preparing to welcome a frenchie puppy into our home at the beginning of the year. Is this little one on the left below the cutest thing you've ever seen? The one on the right is an adult frenchie.

Frenchies are full of love, are quite comical, and have the cutest ears you've ever seen. I have been voracious for information in preparation for Sophie, and Matt is probably tired of hearing about all the new facts and things to do before we welcome her into our home.

Is there anything cuter than that?

Second: As if you couldn't  have guessed, it's glitter, and glittery/shimmery makeup. I have an obscene collection of both of these, but I somehow can't stop myself from purchasing more if I see something I love. 

Instead of explaining my problem with each of these to you, I will post photos detailing my collections:

First, makeup:
This photo illustrates everything I use on a daily basis, or at least most days. I might trade off on eyeshadow or blush color, but it all generally comes from this selection of wonderful products. 

These items are in my everyday bag, but I don't use them as frequently. They are either makeup fixes or simply items I don't use as often. Still great products. 

This is all the eye makeup housed in my giant makeup tackle box. Much of it was purchased for stage or for a special event, but I can't seem to part with it, just in case I ever need it again.

This is all the other makeup I have in my tackle box. Much of it never sees the light of day unless I am doing a show or it is a really special occasion.

The brushes and other tools, each with a specific purpose.

Second, glitter:

I also have a bit of a problematic fascination with glitter. Not only do I love a little shimmer in my makeup, but I will try to find a reason to put as much glitter into a project as possible. Below is a photo of my glitter, and this is just for crafts.

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